L-1g General Purpose Droid

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Type: L-1g General Purpose Droid
Degree: Third Degree
Class: Service Droid
Sensor Color: Yellow
Plating Color: Yellow, Blue, Gray
Gender: Masculine Programming
Personality Module: Advanced




Search: 3D

Lifting: 3D


Equipped With:

• AA-1 VerboBrain
• Advanced vocabulator
• Humanoid Body (two arms and two legs)
• Two visual and one auditory sensor – human range

Special Abilities:

Move: 9
Height: 1.75 meters
Cost: 900 credits
Availability: 2

Background: The L-1g general purpose droid, also known as the L-1 general purpose droid, L-1 general service droid, or L-1g worker droid, was a model of service droid commonly used for basic operational tasks. The droid was equipped with an AA-1 VerboBrain processor on par with that of a high-end protocol droid and vertastile language processors. Due to its capacity to calculate complex scenarios, some referred to the model as the L-1 tactical droid. However, few bothered to use the L-1 unit to its full potential. In the year 14 BBY, the Scrapper Guild used L-1g units painted in blue with red stripes as foremen on the planet Bracca. On the planet Corellia, in 13 BBY, units painted yellow with blue stripes were employed on shipyards for various menial tasks, including disassembling hydro transfer conduit to clear a minnow blockage. K-OHN was a L-1 tactical droid, as was SV-3.

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