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Kamino Sea Creature

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Species: Kamino sea creature
Planet of Origin: Kamino


STRENGTH 5D (walker scale)
Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +4D damage (walker scale).
Claws: Does Strength +2D damage (walker scale).

Move: 70; 200 km/h
Size: Up to 40 meters long

Background: The Kamino sea creature was a large, aquatic, reptile-like species. Officially unknown, the species lived in the oceans of Kamino around Tipoca City during the early years of the Galactic Empire. The creature had three pairs of flippers and a long tail, with which it traversed the ocean, looking for food. Its mouth formed a pointed snout, filled with sharp teeth, and on its back lay a smooth dorsal shell.

Around 19 BBY, the renegade clone squad, the Bad Batch, their former member CT-9904, and the medical droid AZI-3 encountered the beast while travelling through the deactivated Kamino tube system to try and reach their starship. It began roaring in the distance before charging at the tubes, requiring the group to accelerate their movement. AZI-3 suggested re-establishing power to deter the creature then proceeded to access the tube’s power system. The creature grasped the tube with its jaws, causing water to begin flooding the structure. Upon the power’s activation, the creature received an electric shock and swam away.

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