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Force Powers

Instinctive Astrogation

Sense Difficulty: Moderate, modified by difficulty of journey

Required Powers: Magnify Senses

Effect: This is better known of the abilities of a Jedi to calculate a journey through hyperspace without the assistance of a Nav computer. The Jedi uses his sense skill to feel through the myriad possible routes through hyperspace to determine the safest path. The difficulty is modified by how dangerous the path is:

Task isModifier
Very Easy+0
Easy +0
Moderate +0
Very Difficult+10
If the Jedi succeeds at charting the course, the Jedi needs only to make an Easy astrogation total to plot the safe route. If the Jedi fails the roll the astrogation difficulty is automatically very difficult; if the sense roll is missed by 5 or more points the difficulty of the astrogation roll increases to heroic.

Background: Instinctive astrogation, also known as Pathfinding, was a Sense-based Force ability that permitted the user to find a route through hyperspace that was fast and safe without the help of a navigation computer or astromech droid. A Jedi using this power would reach out with the Force to determine the safest path from the myriad possibilities available. With sufficient practice, this ability could be learned without formal training. The navigator for the pirate Drek Drednar, Tron Nixx, was unwittingly Force-sensitive and developed this ability through practice, believing it to be merely phenomenal luck. The children of Jedi Knight Axton Tredway, Dena and Erling, were also adept at this ability, as were Saesee Tiin and Kyp Durron.

Several alien species were also capable of astrogation without computers or the aid of the Force, including the Siniteen, Lucent, and Givin. The famous star dragons could not only calculate hyperspace jumps without a navicomputer, they could make the jump without a ship, as could the Oswaft.

A more complex and esoteric version, Instinctive Astrogation Control, also existed. It was a Control-based Force power rather than a Sense-based power. Instead of feeling out the correct path and related equations, Jedi would use the Force to enhance their mental abilities, allowing them to calculate the incredibly complex mathematical equations of hyperspace navigation in their heads.

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