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Garel City Spaceport

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Name: Garel City Spaceport
Planet: Garel
System: Garel System
Starport Type: Stellar
Traffic: Medium
Control: Imperial
Landing: 5 Capital Landing Pads
Docking Areas: 25 Medium Landing Bays
Docking Fee: 16 credits a day
Customs: Imperial
Services: Fully Serviced

Background: The Garel City Spaceport, also known as Garel spaceport, was a spaceport located in Garel City on the Outer Rim planet of Garel. The spaceport was used by Star Commuter 2000 shuttle ST-45, linking Garel with the neighboring planet of Lothal.

In 5 BBY, the crew of the Ghost stole T-7 ion disruptor rifles from the Galactic Empire in the spaceport. After multiple missions on Garel, the Empire inevitably discovered the location of the rebel base in the city. A Star Destroyer preceded to shoot down multiple rebel vessels at the Battle of Garel.

Appearances: Rebels

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