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Child of the Watch

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Type: Young Mandalorian Warrior
Species: Mandalorian
Homeworld: —
Gender: —
Died: —
Hair Color: —
Eye Color: —
Weight: —
Skin: —

Dodge: 4D
Melee Combat: 3D+2

Intimidation: 3D
Planetary Systems 2D+1
Streetwise: 3D
Willpower: 4D
Value: 3D

Star Fighter Pilot: 2D+1
Jetpack Operation: 2D+1
Repulsorlift Operation: 2D+1
Sensors: 3D

Con 4D
Search 3D+1
Sneak 4D

Brawling: 2D+2
Stamina: 3D

Blaster Repair: 3D
First Aid: 2D+2
Demolition: 3D
Melee Weapon Repair: 2D+1
Security: 3D+1

Special Abilities:

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 8
Move: 10

Equipment: Mandalorian Armor (+2D physical, +2D energy, +1D to search and ranged attacks over 50 meters)

Mandalorian Child of the Watch Armor
Basic Suit: +4D Physical, +3D Energy, +1D Strength (used for physical activity, not for resisting damage.)

Macrobinoculars: +3D Search, 100-500m

Sound Sensor: +1D PERC in quite situations only.

Environmental Filter: Filters out most harmful particles from the air or seal with two hours of air.

Background: The Mandalorians were a clan-based cultural group that was composed of members from multiple species all bound by a common creed, language and code, and played a particularly important role in galactic history as legendary warriors with a fearsome reputation as conquerors as well as mercenaries and bounty hunters.

When a Child of the Watch came of age, they performed a ceremony for the foundling’s swearing of the Creed. The ceremony included banners with clan signets and drummers. The foundling had to stand in water, recite the words of the Creed and to swear to walk the Way. A helmet is placed on the foundling’s head, and the tribe joins to say “This is the Way.” The foundling then swears to never remove his helmet from this moment on.

The the Mandalorian society a Child of the Watch would serve as an apprentice to a sworn member of the clan, learning how to fight, travel the galaxy, and to work as a member of a team.

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