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New Jedi Starfighter Unveiled

KUAT NODE – In a closed testing range at the Kuat Drive Yards, Jedi and Republic officials were on hand to inspect the performance of the newly modified Delta-7 Aethersprite light interceptor, the latest instrument of peace in the Jedi arsenal.

Project Engineer Lead Walex Blissex, Kuati Senator Risi Lenoan, and Jedi representatives Adi Gallia and Aayla Secura lauded the small interceptor’s performance under controlled conditions.

“Kuat Drive Yards has a proud heritage of serving the Republic, and the new Delta-7s we have specifically prepared for the Jedi order will continue that tradition,” said Senator Lenoan. Performing an ancient Kuati nautical tradition, Senator Lenoan used a gilded blade to cut a symbolic tether attached to the prototype’s landing gear. In a similar show of protocol, Gallia and Secura extended lit lightsabers in salute to the Kuati dignitaries.

“She is a remarkable vessel,” said Blissex. “With the engineering breakthroughs we tackled developing her, she’s just the start. She’s a real sign of things to come.”

At eight meters in length, with a cross-span of under four meters, the Delta-7 would ordinarily be too small to support hyperspace travel. The Jedi starfighter now features a built-in astromech to provide damage control, power regulation, and nav-computer capability. The standard upgrade includes docking clamps and data-feeds to a separate hyperdrive booster ring, subcontracted to TransGalMeg Industries, Inc. of the Rayter sector.

A Delta-7 advanced model, whose specifications remain classified, has been confirmed to carry an onboard hyperdrive and does not require the booster ring. It is unknown what percentage of the Jedi starfighter fleet will consist of Delta-7 advanced.

Following the successful test, the starfighter is now operational, and shipments of the craft are being delivered to the Jedi Temple at Coruscant, and the Jedi Training Center on Kamparas.

Model: Kuat Systems Engineering Delta-7 Aethersprite
Dimensions: 8 meters x 3.92 meters x 1.44 meters
Maximum Atmospheric Speed: 12,000 kph
Maximum Linear Acceleration: 5,000 G
Cargo Capacity: 60 kg or 0.03 m3
Crew: 1 pilot; 1 astromech
Armament: 2 dual laser cannons (standard)

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