Friday, May 24, 2024
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Coruscant Eliminated in Galactic Cup Opening Round

BLASTECH GIKOSPHERE, CORUSCANT – An inexperienced Team Coruscant suffered a 3-1 blow-out loss to heavily favored Team Fondor in the first round of Galactic Cup of Limmie play.

Breaking with tradition, the match was held in the BlasTech Gikosphere on Coruscant and broadcast on HoloNet Entertainment Signal 3 in an attempt to raise the sport’s profile in the galactic capital. The one-tenth-of-capacity crowd of 12,000 beings left disappointed and confused.

“Naturally we were hoping to win, especially in front of the home-planet crowd,” said team captain Jipoly Numifolis. “Listen, bolo-ball [the name used for limmie in worlds outside the core – editors] is really gaining popularity with local toddlers. I think that twenty years from now, Coruscant will be a feared bolo-ball planet.”

On Fwillsving, the city of Svitalos now lays in ruin following the jubilant uprising after their limmie team’s 1-0 victory over Kubindi. The frenzied crowd of 4 million spectators – three times the city’s normal population – took to the streets cheering, looting, and destroying. “I’m so happy,” said local merchant Kerlay Utanks after setting off several thermal detonators in his culinary automata shop.

In other opening-round matches this week, Kothlis defeated Ord Mantell 1-0, Ralltiir upset Tralus 1-0, and Yag’Dhul humiliated Kinyen 2-0. Onila Richblum scored twice in the match, tying a Galactic Cup record.

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