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Colo Claw Fish

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Species: Colo Claw Fish
Planet of Origin: Naboo


Special Abilities:
Bite: Does Strength +4D damage (walker scale).
Claws: Does Strength +2D damage (walker scale).
Venom: Anyone bitten by a colo claw fish that survives must succeed at a Moderate Strength check or be paralyzed for thirty-six hours, minus one hour per die in their Strength rating.

Move: 70; 200 km/h
Size: Up to 40 meters long

A large and nightmarish creature found in the depths of Naboo’s seas, as well as the Cordaxian Sea. The colo had a flat eel-like body, a bio-luminescent tail, a crocodile-like head, a row of sharp teeth, and a set of mandibles. They had a set of venomous fangs that they used to stun their prey. Their digestive system worked slowly, so they were at risk of being consumed from the inside out if they didn’t kill their prey before eating it. A pair of large claws were located just behind the fish’s head and were used to force food into the creature’s large mouth. The bioluminescent skin of the colo claw fish lured in prey.

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