Force Staff

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Model: MandalArms Prom’uk Force Staff
Type: Personal force staff
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee combat: force staff
Ammo: 20
Cost: 350
Availability: 3, R
Difficulty: Moderate
Range: 3-7/25/50
Damage: 5D blaster, STR+2D (MAX: 6D) staff

Game Notes: Characters with the electrostaff specialization gain a +5 bonus to melee parry rolls. The wielder of a force staff may use melee parry to block blaster bolts as a “reaction skill.”

Background: A Force staff was a melee weapon capable of deflecting blaster bolts and applying stun pulses. They were the favored weapon used by the Mandalorian Royal Guard when called upon to defend the New Mandalorian duchess, Satine Kryze.

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