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Species: Caamasi
Home Planet: Caamas

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Memory Sharing: Caamasi can store and share memories with others of their species. Force-users can also share memories with Caamasi, though this requires a successful use of either Receptive Telepathy (to receive a memory) or Projective Telepathy (to share a memory).
Wise and Tranquil: Due to their reputation for being peaceful and wise, Caamasi gain a +2 pip bonus to all Bargain and Persuasion skill checks.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.8 meters tall

Background: The Caamasi were a sentient mammalian species of furred humanoids known for their compassionate and peace-loving nature; indeed, the name Caamasi came to mean “friend from afar” and “stranger to be trusted” in some languages across the galaxy.

A species of furry mammalians, the Caamasi were covered in dense grey or brown fur and had a spicy, woody body scent that was similar to that of Corellian whiskey. They had two, long arms with thin, three-fingered hands, and two pointed ears which stuck out from the sides of their heads. They also had extremely acute senses of smell, with their nose positioned at the end of a tooth-filled snout.

Caamasi had the interesting ability to share vivid memories called memnii with their near relatives and Force-sensitives, especially members of the Jedi Order. A memnis was as vivid to one who received it as it was to the one who participated in the event remembered. Their peace-loving natures were accounted for in part due to memnii, as having a memory of killing or harming would be particularly strong, becoming unbearable in time, and something Caamasi would seek to avoid except in defense of themselves or others, for which case they would accept their burden.

Caamasi evolved around the basic tenets of peace and social justice; influencing the evolution of the Jedi Order and their service as Knights of the Galactic Republic. Working as explorers, diplomats, and artists, the Caamasi were a monogamous people who valued single partners while mating and starting a family. So culturally ingrained was this notion that there was great debate among the species following the devastation of their homeworld. The Caamasi who were off-world at the time considered evolving to a position of polygamy so as to regrow the population. While the argument was one of survival, many sociologists familiar with the culture of the Caamasi believed that they would not accept the idea. The famed celebration known as the Rainbow of Sunshine Festival was held on Caamas annually and beloved by the populace.

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