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Species: Falumpaset
Planet of Origin: Naboo


Special Abilities:
Headbutt: Does Strength +1D damage.
Move: 30
Size: 3 meters high
Orneriness: 2D+1

Background: The falumpaset was a herbivorous species of mammal found on the planets Naboo and Onderon. In the wild, the species lived in swamps, forests, and plains in family groups. They were domesticated by the Gungans and, along with other large and hardy animals such as fambaas, were used to transport heavy loads such as the shield generators used in the Battle of Naboo. Both the Gungans and the Naboo used falumpasets to pull carts. Falumpasets were great swimmers and their disproportionately long legs, made them very maneuverable. Falumpasets shared their name with falumpaset cheese, an ingredient in the Batuuan dish mashed chokeroot.

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