Arkanian Offshoot

Species: Arkanian Offshoot
Home Planet: Arkania

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Engineered: Arkanian Offshoots are typically engineered for specific industrial tasks. At character creation they get an extra 2D to place in either lifting, repair skills, piloting skills, survival or first aid.

Story Factors:
Sub-race: Pureblood Arkanians consider the Offshoot to be no more than tools or slaves.

Move: 10/12
Size: 1.6 to 2.2 meters tall.

Background: The Arkanian Offshoots were a sub-species of the Arkanian race, genetically engineered by the famed Arkanian scientists and genetic researchers of the Old Republic era.

Known to be unscrupulous when it came to the bounds of scientific exploration, the geneticists of Arkania began to experiment on their own species, mixing the blood of other races with their own to create offshoots of the Arkanian species. These offshoots were first bred to excel at specific industrial tasks such as mechanical or technical work in order to relieve pure-blooded Arkanians of physical labor. One particular sub-species were bred as workers for the famed Arkanian gem mines. These people had five-fingered hands and eyes resembling those of the Human race with which their blood was mixed. With stark white skin, the offshoots were easily distinguished from the pure-bloods and were often shunned, even if covertly. Among the other races the Arkanians experimented with were the Sephi of Thustra, a species of humanoids with pointed ears.

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