Enhance Attribute

Control Difficulty: Moderate
Effect: A Jedi uses this power to increase a single attribute for a limited period. An increased attribute can help a Jedi jump higher, see better, and run faster. All skills governed by the enhanced attribute increase by the same amount for as long as the power remains in effect.

An attribute increased by this power remains enhanced for the duration listed below. Duration and attribute increase are determined by how much a character’s control skill roll exceeds the difficulty number. Duration can be extended through the use of Character Points – for every Character Point a Jedi spends, the duration is increased by one combat round. The points can be spent at any time before the power fades. A Jedi can only increase one attribute at a time. If a character invokes the power to enhance a second attribute while the first attribute is still enhanced, then the first enhancement fades and the second attribute receives the increase.

Skill Roll > Difficulty ByAttribute Duration/Increase
0-13+1D / 3 rounds
14-25+2D / 2 rounds
26++3D / 1 round

Background: Enhance Attribute was a Control-based Force power that allowed a Force-user to increase a physical attribute for a limited time, allowing them to jump higher, move and react faster, strike harder, see and hear better, durability, and the like. The ability shared similarities with Battlemind, Force Body, Force valor and Force rage.

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