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Emotion Suppressant

Model: Consolidated Learning Systems Model ES23
Type: Emotion suppression system
Cost: 750
Availability: 3
Game Notes: Device uses micro-power cells. Each pair must be worn a minimum of 24-30 hours to allow for proper calibration to the wearer’s life function rhythms. Device adds +2D bonus to any willpower rolls to resist emotional-impulses. Note that this device could conceivably be used to help resist torture (although it has no effect on resisting Force abilities).

Background: In some situations, the outward display of emotion is not only considered socially unacceptable, but may be offensive! When confronted with these situations, turn to the emotion suppressant. Disguised as a pair of lapel ornamentations, the emotion suppressant generates a continuous stream of variable frequency waves which are soothing to the individual (the exact wave frequency varies by species).

In circumstances where a sudden emotional reaction ensues, the emotion suppressant detects the signs of anxiety and increases the intensity of the waves to insure continued calm. The result grants the wearer the ability to maintain control rather than having to contend with the desire to throttle the cause of said anxiety.

Some use the emotion suppressant for personal relaxation. Others find it the only way to make it through the day without telling the boss what they really think of him, her or it …

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