Friday, June 21, 2024
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Dooku Bounty Posting Still A Mystery

NEW VERTICA, NAR SHADDAA — Authorities are still attempting to discover the source of an unregistered and therefore illegal bounty posting on Count Dooku of Serenno found on a Nar Shaddaa datanet. The posting, offering 1 million Republic credits standard for the delivery of Dooku’s remains, was discovered two weeks ago on the public datanet. The posting was not listed in the Republic Enforcement DataCore or the Bounty Hunters Guild. The contact information leads to a dummy message account from which no leads were discovered. The Republic has roundly rejected involvement in the posting of the bounty on the secessionist movement’s loudest advocate. “This current crisis will be resolved through procedure and negotiation, not illegal vigilantism,” stressed Mas Amedda, Vice Chair of the Senate.

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