Dexter “Dex” Jettster

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Name: Dexter “Dex” Jettster
Type: Besalisk Cook
Species: Besalisk
Homeworld: Ojom
Gender: Male
Hair Color:
Eye Color: Yellow
Height: 1.88 meters
Skin: Brown

Blaster: 3D+1
Dodge: 3D+1

Business: 6D
Intimidation: 4D+2
Languages: 4D
Planetary Systems: 6D
Survival: Arctic Environments 4D+1
Streetwise: 6D
Value: 6D
Willpower: 4D+2

Repulsorlift Operation: 5D

Bargain: 4D+1
Con: 4D+2
Investigation: 6D
Persuasion: 4D
Search: 4D+1

Brawling: 5D
Swimming: 4D+1

Computer Programming/Repair: 4D+1
Cooking: 4D+1
Droid Repair: 4D
Repulsorlift Repair: 4D+1

Special Abilities:
Extra Limbs: Male Besalisks have four arms, the extra limbs give them a +1D+1 bonus to climbing and brawling.

Food Stores: A Besalisk can go without food for 8 days and without water for 3 days.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 3
Dark Side Points: 2
Move: 10

Background: Dexter “Dex” Jettster, nicknamed Dexi Jet, was a male Besalisk with a colorful background who lived on the planet Coruscant and was the owner of Dex’s Diner. Serving mostly hard workers from the area, the diner offered home-style cooked meals and freshly brewed ardees (“Jawa juice”). Jettster worked as the cook and employed two waitresses, Hermione Bagwa and her WA-7 waitress droid partner, FLO.

It was shortly before the Clone Wars that Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi came to Dex’s Diner to see if his old friend, Jettster, could identify a poisoned dart. Though few even knew of the planet Kamino, Jettster did from his days as a prospector on Subterrel and was able to identify the dart as originating from Kamino. Furthermore, he knew of the native inhabitants, the Kaminoans, who were cloners of some repute and kept to themselves but were welcoming to those who brought credits. Jettster gently chided his old friend Kenobi who as a Jedi should have put more faith in another person’s wisdom than the knowledge of the Jedi Archives.

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