Carrier Butterfly

Species: Carrier Butterfly
Type: Small insect
Planet of Origin: Maridun
Con: 4D
Search: 3D+1
Sneak: 7D


Special Abilities:
Mimicry: A carrier butter?y can perfectly mimic lengthy sequences of sounds (such as a conversation or a message). A carrier butterfly does not need to roll con to reproduce a sound, but it can only mimic noises exactly (without alteration).

Move: 12 (fly)
Size: 15 centimeters

Background: Found on Maridun as well as on many other worlds, the carrier butterfly is a colorful insect roughly the size of a Human hand. These simple creatures have two qualities that make them uncannily good at being communications devices: their strong verbal-association memory, and their ability to replicate long sequences of sounds. As a result, carrier butterflies can be trained to recognize the commands of their masters, fly directly to specified locations or individuals, and replicate lengthy messages. Although they fly slowly, compared to instant communication by comlink, carrier butterflies are so numerous in the wild that finding and intercepting a specific butterfly is nearly impossible. Thus, the carrier butterfly offers a secure, albeit slow, method of sending orders and intelligence across long distances.

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