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Species: Bardottan
Home Planet: Bardotta

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Long curving Neck: Their avian heritage gives the Bardottan a long curving neck which gives their head a greater range of movement than most species. This gives them a bonus 1D on Perception tests.

Celerity: Their avian heritage means that Bardottan are more used to moving at speed through the air than most species. This gives them a bonus +1D on Repulsorlift operations rolls.

Story Factors:
Jedi Mistrust: The Bardottan people do not trust Jedi, believing them to be child kidnappers due to their history of taking force sensitive children away for training.

Dagoyan Practices: The Bardottan are a deeply spiritual people with a connection to the force. and a tradition of studying the force completely separate to the Jedi and Sith, Dagoyan. The Dagoyan practices of peace, meditation, and contemplation have become socially entrenched in the culture of Bardotta.

Move: 8/10
Size: 1.-2 meters tall

Background: Bardottans were a sentient species of scaled reptiles native to the planet Bardotta.

Bardottans were a sentient species of thin reptiles. Their lower legs bent backwards and ended in three-toed feet; their short forearms ended in three fingers and a thumb. Bardottans had long, curved necks atop which was a pointed skull with a beak-like snout dominating their face. While males did not possess hair, female Bardottans had thick feather-like fibers that covered their heads. Some Bardottans had nostrils by their snouts, while others had them on crests protruding between their eyes. Skin color ranged from a variety of greens and grays, to orange, red, and blue; some Bardottans had mottled skin with distinctive markings of multiple colors. Eye color also varied between individuals, though all had black irises. The trait with the greatest variance was height, as some Bardottans stood a meter tall at maturity while others were over two meters tall.

Bardottans’ natural habitat was at high elevations among mountains, and they built their palaces upon mountain peaks. Developing a society with a rich Force-tradition early on in their history, Bardottans were war-like demon worshipers in their earliest years, led by the Frangawl Cult in worshiping Malmourral. When the Dagoyan Order came to power, the Frangawl religion was banned and the Dagoyan practices of peace, meditation, and contemplation became socially entrenched in the culture of Bardotta. The Dagoyan Order represented the religious aspects of the Bardottans, while the Bahk-tov Council and the Monarch of Bardotta presided over the government. All education on the world took place in Dagoyan schools, though belief in the tradition was not mandatory. Valuing knowledge and spiritual devotion, Bardottans were scholarly and insular when it came to outsiders and sharing their knowledge. All Bardottans were proud and independent, feeling shame when forced to ask for assistance. Cities on Bardotta were clustered around different academic and religious studies, studying in their own fields and sharing with other cities if asked. The right to education was earned through intense study and devotion, never handed out freely.

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