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Species: Zilkin
Attribute Dice: 12D


Special Abilities:
Tiny Scale: Due to Zilkin’s diminutive size and stature, they are more difficult for larger beings to successfully hit in combat, or locate if hiding. However, they are less resilient to attacks from larger beings as well. In game terms, the difficulty of any attack made against an Zilkin between 10-50 centimeters tall, by larger-but-still-character-scale opponents, is increased by +1D. However, the damage of such attacks is also increased by +1D. By the same token, any attacks an Zilkin’s makes against character-scale targets gain a +1D bonus to succeed, though the target gains a +1D bonus to resist damage if the Zilkin’s’s attack is a physically-based brawling or melee one. Similarly, attack and damage bonuses scale up against even larger targets, as per standard scale modifier rules.

Move: 5/7
Size: 0.33 meters tall

Background: Zilkins were a small, green-skinned sentient species. They were diminutive in size and had stalk eyes. They were green with darker spots and had blue eyes. The hands and feet of a Zilkin were large in proportion to their arms and legs. They had three bulbous fingers and an opposable thumb on their hands, and three toes on their feet.

Zilkins had large bulbs of skin underneath their chin that puffed out slightly when they talked.

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