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Tracking Fob

Model: Tracking Fob
Type: Biometric Tracking Device
Cost: 50 credits
Availability: F

Game Notes: When using a tracking fob to track a unique target with a complete chain code add Search+1D as long as the target is still within the same hemisphere as the tracking fob. When the target is within 100 meters of the target add Search+3D to rolls.

Background: Encoded with its target’s unique genetic chain code, a tracking fob is typically issued to bounty hunters along with their bounty puck, or contract, to aid in their efforts to apprehend the correct target.

Unless it is reprogrammed a bounty tracking fob retains information about its last programmed target so that, in the event of an escape, the fob can be remotely reactivated and resume active tracking of the target.

Without a genetic sample of hair, scales, skin cells, blood, or other bodily fluids or excretions, a bounty tracking fob can not be programmed with a complete chain code. Having an incomplete chain code, such as only knowing the target’s age or species, causes the user of a tracking fob to have false positive tracking.

Genetic data is typically collected from beings who are incarcerated, released through a bail bondsman, or involved with taking loans from underworld sources. Blood or other evidence left at the scene of a crime can also be collected and programmed into a tracking fob though most law enforcement agencies are hesitant to use what could be considered circumstantial evidence to track an alleged criminal. Tracking fobs and bounty pucks are therefore issued together for most legitimately posted bounties.

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