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The Clone Wars Chapter 17

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The Azure Angel drops out of hyperspace, and Anakin Skywalker guides the starfighter in to land on the jungle moon of Yavin 4. As he heads off to investigate, Skywalker hears the sound of another ship. Back at the landing site, he sees the squad of clone troopers sent by Obi-Wan Kenobi disembarking from their transport. As the clones fan out to search the jungle, they are taken out one-by-one by someone using the Force. Skywalker realizes something is wrong, and returns to the landing site to see the transport and his starfighter explode, destroying R4-P22. The droid’s charred dome flies out of the flaming wreckage to land at the Padawan’s feet.

Asajj Ventress calmly walks out of the flames and reveals herself as she stands on the wreckage of Skywalker’s ship.



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