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The Bad Batch – S02E09 – The Crossing

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“The Crossing”

The mining expedition
The Bad Batch travel in the Marauder to the ipsium mine that Cid has purchased on the planet Ipsidon. Cid wants the clones to excavate the volatile material, which Tech likens to a thermal detonator in its raw form. Wrecker is enthusiastic while Tech unseals the mine. Hunter notices that the storm is shifting away from their position and decides that the mission can proceed. He assigns Omega and Wrecker to serve as sentries.

Tech disagrees, saying that since Echo has left, they are a man down and need Echo inside the mine. Omega agrees to serve as a lookout. Hunter warns her about the presence of poachers in the area and to warn them about any strangers. Wrecker elects to stay behind with Omega. Unknown to the Bad Batch, they are being watched by a masked figure, who scans the area with a pair of macrobinoculars.

Inside the mine, Hunter and Tech find that it has been nearly depleted of ipsium. Tech thinks that Cid has been misled while Hunter resolves to recover what ipsium they can find. Going deeper into the mine, Tech finds a faint reading and ascertains that the ipsium will be difficult to reach. Hunter proposes digging a bigger hole but Tech warns they risk destabilizing the mineral, causing a destructive chain reaction. Hunter asks what he suggests.

Outside the mine, Omega confides that it is weird without Echo around. Wrecker thinks she will get used to it. Hunter contacts her via comlink, telling her they need help inside the mine. Tech tasks her with drilling into the fossilized quartz until she reaches the active ipsium inside. He warns her to be careful due to the volatile nature of the mineral. Omega begins drilling with a precision drill and managed to extract a yellow ipsium rod. Omega places it inside a canister and tasks her with retrieving more of the mineral.

Meanwhile, the masked stranger approaches the Marauder on a speeder bike. Back at the mine, the Bad Batch reunite. Wrecker warns them that the storm is changing course, prompting Tech to remark that the weather patterns on the planet are irregular. Hunter says that they have retrieved what they came for and should return to Ord Mantell. However, they discover that someone stealing their starship.

Hunter is angry with Wrecker for neglecting his sentry duties. Wrecker protests there was nobody there but Tech disagrees. Omega asks if they have a way of retrieving the Marauder. Tech asks Wrecker how he could miss their ship being compromised. Wrecker accuses the others of distracting him. With the storm approaching, Hunter suggests that the group seek shelter in the nearest town. Tech checks his scanner and detects a spaceport 40 klicks south from the mine. Tech suggests they could get a ship there.

Wrecker grumbles about the distance while Tech respond that is their only way. Hunter leads the group through a canyon. During the journey, Omega tries to contact Echo but Hunter points out that he is too far away. Tech reveals that Echo disabled his communication device, believing he is on a sensitive mission. The group sense movement and flee a herd of antelope-like creatures.

The clones use grappling hooks to reach a root. Wrecker is carrying the ipsium canister but drops it. At Tech’s urging, he dives down and uses his body to shield the volatile mineral. The herd passes and the clones descend down the root. Tech warns Wrecker to be more careful, prompting Wrecker to ask him to carry it. The clones then flee the descending storm, which soon clouds them.

Tech spots another mine with his sensors. While fleeing inside the mine, Tech drops the ipsium canister. A thunder bolt strikes it, causing an explosion that dislodged debris in the canyon. The clones retreat inside the mine for safety. Tech points out that they are now trapped and have lost their ipsium. Wrecker asks how it is his fault. Tech responds that if he had been alert, they would be safely away on their ship with the mineral.

Hunter intervenes and convinces the clones that they have to dig their way out. Wrecker agrees. While the clones remove rocks and debris, Omega realizes that the Marauder’s transponder is not relaying a signal. Tech surmises that it was disabled by the thief while Wrecker grumbles. When Omega asks how they will track the ship, Hunter responds that they should focus on digging themselves out of the mine. Tech agrees and says that it is unlikely that the Marauder will be recovered. Omega refused to lose hope but Tech says they can acquire another ship.

Omega responds that the Marauder is their home and vows not to lose her like Echo. Hunter explains that Echo is on another mission. Omega counters that he is not here and they are supposed to be a squad. Tech counters that the Bad Batch predated Echo and will exist after him. When he asks what is her issue, Omega tosses a device towards him and walks away to be alone. When Tech says he stated the truth, Hunter responds that she is upset because she knows the truth.

Working together
Omega explore the mine with a lamp and find a cave to shelter. She notices a blue light shining through a tunnel. Using the drill, she discovers several ipsium minerals inside a vein. Meanwhile, the older clones labor with clearing debris. Wrecker grumbles it will take days while Tech says they need an explosive. He states that a small amount of ipsium would have been enough but Wrecker remarks that someone dropped it. To make amends for dropping the canister, Tech offers to search the mine for potential extractions.

Hunter and Wrecker tell Tech to go and make amends with Omega. Tech responds that she wanted to be alone. Hunter explains that Omega is having a hard time with Echo leaving and tells Tech to speak with her. Tech agrees and walks inside the mine. Meanwhile, Omega examines the glowing blue ipsium mineral. Tech catches up with her and discovers that Omega has found a large cavern of ipsium. The two conclude that they could use some of the ipsium to blow their way out of the cavern. Since this ipsium is more pure than the one they found in Cid’s vein, he tells her to extract as much as she can.

When Omega asks if she trusts him to do that, Hunter responds that he knows she is fully capable of the task. Omega asks Tech to retrieve empty vials from her stance. Working together, they manage to retrieve enough minerals to fill several vials.

Rescue and reconciliation
While reaching an ipsium mineral, Omega slips and looses her balance. She struggles to cling onto a rock face. Tech tries to reach her but she falls down a chasm. Tech jumps after her and two end up in an underground aqueduct. Tech manages to rescue her.

While working to clear boulders, Hunter and Wrecker sense movement. Hunter attempts to contact Tech and Echo but receive no response. Sensing something is wrong, they rush deeper into the mine. Meanwhile, Echo and Tech are swept by the rapids into a waterfall which leads to an underground shore. Tech manages to reestablish contact with Hunter and explains that they took an underwater detour. When Hunter asks where they are, Tech says that is a good question and tells Hunter to stand-by.

The two soon discover light, which Tech deduces to be a passage beyond this wall. Tech suggests using the ipsium to blast their way out. Tech tells Hunter that they have found an alternative way out but that they would need to retrieve their gear. Following Tech’s instructions, Wrecker and Hunter retrieve Echo and Tech’s gear. Tech instructs them to scale down the narrow crevasse and ride the rapids down the waterfall. He warns them not to compromise the mineral vials. Wrecker thinks this plan is too difficult and grumbles.

Dealing with change
Tech tells Omega that once the others join them, they will find a way out of the mine. Omega points out they still have lost their ship, are stranded on a planet, and can’t contact Echo for help. Tech responds that they do not need help and will figure out a solution as they always do. Omega is upset about change but Tech regards change as a fundamental part of life.

Omega asks why he is not bothered that Echo left. Tech responds that soldiers deal with change. Omega points out that they are a family and asks why he doesn’t act like it. Tech reflects silently and says that Echo chose a different path like Crosshair and that they have to respect their decisions even though it can be difficult to understand. Tech admits he processes thoughts differently but says that it doesn’t mean he is different from Omega.

The two are soon joined by Hunter and Wrecker, who have followed Tech’s instructions. Omega is optimistic and says it wasn’t so bad. Tech positions a vial of ipsium near the hole. When Wrecker asks why he can’t shoot, Tech explains that it has to be precise. Tech shoots at the ipsium vial, blasting a large hole.

After exiting, Tech discovers the spaceport through his macrobinoculars. Tech notices the spaceport is deserted while Wrecker hopes to get some food to supplement their rations. Hunter agrees to explore the spaceport.

An unreliable ally
Upon reaching the spaceport, they discover that it has been abandoned. Wrecker grumbles they came for nothing. Tech reassures the group he can send out a long range transmission with a communications array. The Bad Batch ask Cid for help but the Trandoshan broker says that she is preoccupied with other matters and tells them to figure it out themselves.

Hunter reminds her that she sent the Bad Batch on this mission. Cid is unconcerned about their stolen ship. Omega tells her that they need help while Tech reminds Cid about how they helped her settle her problems with Roland Durand and Grini Millegi. Cid relents and says she can come in a few days. Tech protests they don’t have enough rations. When Wrecker asks what they will do, Omega says they will figure it out like they always do.



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