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Species: Thakwaash
Home Planet: Thakwaa

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
Multiple Personalities: Prior to making a skill check, a Thakwaash character can attempt to draw upon on of his secondary personality’s experience as a free action. This is done by making a willpower skill roll, with a difficulty equal to the number of dice in the character’s skill rating times three. For example, a Thakwaash character with a space transports skill rating of 4D+1 will need to roll a 12 or better (4×3) on his willpower skill roll to draw upon a secondary personality’s talents in that skill. If successful, the character gains a +2D bonus to that skill, but suffers a –1D penalty to all other skills. This lasts until the character attempts to call upon another personality, is stunned or knocked unconscious, or after one hour of rest or light activity.

Move: 10/12
Size: 3 meters tall

Background: Thakwaash were equinoid biped species from Thakwaa. Each Thakwaash had many different personalities, each performing some specialized function. This was their normal mental state and was not considered a psychosis, as it would be in a Human. As they grew older and developed, they usually discovered more “minds,” and gradually improved upon their skill in switching between them. These personalities had various abilities and skills, behaviors, and views on life. These could include an undisciplined yet skilled pilot, a calm and polite socializer, an arrogant, elitist mind, an insane one (which only caused slight problems, since they could still switch to other “minds”), and others. This ability also helped them figure out how others would think, increasing their ability to imitate their target’s writings or thought processes.

They also possessed, on average, three times the strength of an average human male. For instance, Hohass Ekwesh was capable of killing a man weighing 100 kilograms by “casually” swinging him into a wall, one-handed. They are also usually very tall at an average height of three meters.

The Galactic Empire gave up trying to take over their homeworld due to their unpredictable natures, as well as their size and strength.

The Thakwaash were members of the New Republic. Wraith Squadron pilot Hohass Ekwesh was a Thakwaash. Ekwesh was nicknamed “Runt” because he was a mere two meters tall—small for his species.

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