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Name: Tay-0
Type: Modified Industrial Automaton TY-Series Industrial Droid
Degree: Fifth Degree
Class: Labor Droid / Riot Racer
Sensor Color: Teal
Plating Color: Teal, Gray, Orange
Gender: Masculine Programming
Personality Module: Advanced

Blaster: 7D
Dodge: 3D+1

Culinary Arts: 4D
Cultures: 3D
Home Economics: 4D
Languages: 3D

Communications: 3D
Repulsorlift Operation: 4D
Repulsorlift Operation: Riot Racer 4D+2


Lifting: 3D

Repulsorlift Repair: 4D

Equipped With:
-Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)
– Gyroscopic Head
-Three visual and two audial sensors – Human range
– TransLang II Communications module with over three million languages
– Heuristic processor (the droid is able to use skills it is untrained in)

Move: 8
Size: 1.93 meters tall
Cost: 8000 credits

Background: TAY-0, pronounced “Tay-oh,” was a conceited, masculine racer droid who piloted a modified 12 series speeder repulsorcraft and participated in the celerity sport of Riot Racing on the desert planet Safa Toma during the year 19 BBY, the first of the Imperial Era. He was bet to win a race for the information broker Cid, against her old associate Grini Millegi, with Jet Venim, the reigning champion of the Safa Toma Classic, as his racer.

To witness the race, Scaleback brought two defective clone troopers from Clone Force 99, to be her bodyguards. Wrecker and Tech, who brought the young female clone Omega with them. During the foremost race, Millegi ordered Venim and the racer Kane to trap TAY-0’s speeder in “the crunch”, that sent his ship hurdling, destroying him. The clones retrieved his pieces and rebuilt him for a new race with the stakes heightened, but after repudiating Tech’s personal strategy of racing he was annihilated by Bosco Brix’s speeder and powered down for the final time. Tech participated in TAY-0’s place and used his tactics to win the race, and Scaleback’s arrears were laid off.

Appearances: The Bad Batch

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