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Space Transports

T-6A shuttle

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Craft: Slayn & Korpil T-6A shuttle
Scale: Starfighter
Length: 22.8 Meters
Skill: Space Transports T-6 shuttle
Crew: 2, Skeleton 1(+10)
Passengers: 8
Crew Skill: Space Transports 5D, Starship Shields 4D
Consumables: 1 Month
Cargo Capacity: 60 Tons
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Nav Computer: Y
Space: 6
Atmosphere: 330; 950 kmh
Maneuverability: 1D+1
Hull: 3D
Shields: 2D
Passive: 10/0D
Scan: 25/0D+2
Search: 40/1D+1
Focus: 2/3D

Background: The T-6A shuttle, also called the Jedi T-6 shuttle, was an unarmed transport used by the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era.

Manufactured by the Verpine hives of Slayn & Korpil, the semicircular T-6A shuttle featured a rotating engine block and cockpit that oriented with the rest of the ship when landed or in flight. In its landing configuration, the ship sat horizontally, supported by a trio of landing gear. The cockpit, somewhat conical in shape, remained aligned with the body of the craft, with the three engines likewise horizontally aligned with the body of the shuttle. The cockpit and engine block rotated ninety degrees when entering flight mode. The craft had one loading ramp on the engine block’s port side. Shuttles of this class featured ejector seats that, when launched, enclosed the being in a flexible, cushioned survival capsule.

Due to its role as an ambassadorial craft, the T-6A shuttle lacked weaponry but was equipped with a hyperdrive. Furthermore, the craft’s spacious interior provided for reasonably comfortable space travel. Slightly faster and more protected than the Clone Wars Era T-6B, the T-6A was designed to operate in deep space away from Republic starports. It could carry eight passengers and had two airlocks, one at the bottom of the engine block and another along the side behind the cockpit.

Ahsoka Tano would fly a modified version of the T-6A in 5 BBY that replaced the upper engine with a rear-facing dual laser turret.

Appearances: Tales of the Jedi

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