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Spray Plasto-Cast

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Model: SyntheCure Plasto-Cast
Type: Spray immobilizing cast
Skill: First aid
Cost: 35
Availability: 1
Game Notes: An Easy first aid roll is required for proper application; each pistol has one application and cannot be refilled. Effect is to add +2 to the character’s next healing roll. Adjustments to emission tip controls width of spray. One plasto-cast contains sufficient chemical adherent to cover a surface area approximately 50 centimeters by 20 centimeters. In emergency situations, a Moderate survival roll may be substituted for the first aid roll.

Background: Spray Plasto-Cast was a medical product created by SyntheCure. It was a quick drying gel that helped immobilize broken limbs. The plasti-coating was usually applied by a spray-on canister. After the gel was sprayed onto the affected area it could be molded into a workable cast.

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