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Species: Spamel
Planet of Origin: Jedha


Special Abilities:
Long Legs: Spamel have very long legs which allow them to move through rough environments easily.

Move: 15
Size: 4.9 meters tall
Orneriness: 1D

Background: Spamels were blue or purple-skinned, long-legged riding creatures native to the holy moon of Jedha. The beasts featured a thick neck that carried their wedge-shaped head, which swayed as they walked. Standing up to 4.9 meters tall, spamel mounts were fitted with a saddle and a rope ladder for their rider to reach the back of the beast. The creatures were used as part of a parade held in Jedha City on the eve of the annual Reflection Day festival.

During the Galactic Empire’s occupation of Jedha, Imperial sandtroopers mounted spamels to traverse the moon’s cold desert landscape and to patrol pilgrimage routes to Jedha City. The beasts were also used by the surviving members of Saw Gerrera’s rebel Partisans as well as Rebel Alliance members Leia Organa and Luke Skywalker while they were on a mission to locate and help the survivors on Jedha in 1 ABY, about a year after the destruction of Jedha City by the Death Star battle station’s superlaser.

Appearances: The Mandalorian

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