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Sith Holocron

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Model: Sith Holocron
Type: Holographic Data Storage/Interface
Scale: Character
Skill: Holocron Construction (to construct)
Cost: Not Available for Sale
Availability: 4, R or X
Difficulty: Requires two force users to open with a Difficult roll
Game Notes: Every Holocron was or could be constructed differently by the individual creators. By the creator’s choice, limits on access and information dissemination could be set. As the holocron was created out of organic crystal material, it could be imbued with the Force presence of it’s creator or contributors to the database. The holocron could, if constructed to, sense if a person was Force-sensitive, if they were of Light or Dark alignment, and the degree of training in the Force they had gained prior to using the holocron.

A holocron could possess information on Force Powers, Lightsaber Construction/Repair techniques, Lightsaber Combat Forms, history and lore on cultures and groups, and information on specific individuals. The gatekeeper of the holocron was the disseminating interface and could take on a approximate facsimile of the creator or a contributor.

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