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Sensor Beacon

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Model: Sensor Beacon
Type: Perimeter Sensor Marker
Cost: 1,200
Availability: 2
Game Notes: If hand-carried, the beacon broadcasts your position on an emergency frequency with a range of four light years. The mini generator has enough power for 250 hours, less one hour for each item it recharges. It can be programmed with a high pitch alert to locate in dark or hazardous weather.

Background: A sensor beacon, or a sensor marker, was a type of sensor that was designed to transmit its exact position. Sensor beacons were attached to people, vehicles or objects, often discreetly, in order to track them. Some sensor beacons could also scan the individuals in their vicinity. On the planet Barton IV, a perimeter of sensors were used to keep wildlife away from the Imperial Depot. They were also used to mark the perimeters of planetary facilities. When establishing Chopper Base on the planet Atollon, members of the Phoenix Cell, such as Lieutenant Dicer, placed sensor markers around the base in order to detect incoming vehicles. After their encounter with the spidery krykna, the rebels discovered the sensors repelled the creatures, and used the sensors to keep them away from the base.

Appearances: The Bad Batch, Rebels

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