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Name: Scarif
Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type I (Breathable)
Hydrosphere: Moist
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Tropical Jungles, Oceans, Rocky archipelagos, Sandy beaches, Volcanic island chains
Length of Day: 26 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 362 Local Days
Sapient Species: Humans
Starport: Imperial Class
Population: 475,000
Planet Function: Military, Mining
Government: Imperial Military Administrator
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes: Manda Merchant Run
Major Exports: Starships, Supplies for the Death Star
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, consumables, construction resources, weapons, military troops
Settlements: None
Points of Interest: Aurek-14, Death trooper training camp, Imperial Center of Military Research, Scarif orbital shipyard, Mines and refineries
Flora: Areca nut palm tree
Fauna: Blixus

System Data

Region: Outer Rim Territories
Sector: Abrion Sector
System Name: Scarif System
Star Name: Scarif
Star Type: Yellow

Background: Scarif was a remote, tropical planet in the Abrion sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Although a small and idyllic world, Scarif played an important part in the Galactic Empire’s military-industrial complex, becoming a center for top-secret research beyond the inspection distance of the prying eyes of the Imperial Senate. Among the projects stored here was the Death Star battle station, a construction so important the entire planet was covered by a planetary deflector shield that could only be entered via a Shield Gate, a Golan M3185 space station.

Scarif was a verdant, beautiful, if relatively small, world, measuring just over nine thousand kilometers in diameter. It had a remote and isolated galactic location in the Abrion sector of the southeast Outer Rim Territories. A deep-blue world speckled with clouds, Scarif comprised tropical, volcanic island chains rising from clear, shallow oceans. Rocky archipelagos surrounded deeper oceans teeming with life. The planet’s mantle was filled with dense metals that became valuable in starship construction. Scarif’s sandy beaches were tranquil and idyllic, and some led into jungle canopies filled with wildlife, including areca nut palm trees and the giant peetalex sea grape, which offered natural protection. The world had a temperate and comfortable climate and, from the surface, appeared as a tropical paradise despite its challenging ecosystem and dangerous predators.

The Galactic Empire constructed its Imperial Center of Military Research across a wheel of islets and landmasses connected by sandy tombolos and artificial transit tubes. The region was surrounded by a volcanic island covered in jungles, and the central islet housed the monolithic Citadel Tower. The Imperial installations on the planet were known to be one of the very few sites where pure, refined coaxium fuel was stored, other than Mercy Island.

Appearances: Rogue One

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