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Ruusan 2

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Name: Ruusan 2
Type: Artificial
Temperature: Temperate
Atmosphere: Type II (Breath Mask Suggested)
Hydrosphere: Moderate
Gravity: Light
Terrain: None
Length of Day:
Length of Year:
Sapient Species:
Starport: Skytop Station
Population: 3000 (Droids)
Planet Function: Military Listening Post
Government: Military
Tech Level: Space
Trade Routes:
Major Exports:
Major Imports:
Points of Interest: Skytop Station

System Data

Region: Mid Rim Region
Sector: Teraab Sector
System Name: Ruusan System
Star Name: Ruusan I & II
Star Type: Binary Yellow

Background: Ruusan 2 was a moon of the planet Ruusan, located in the Mid Rim Ruusan system. It was one of the Three Sisters. A Confederate listening post was positioned there during the Clone Wars.

The moon had a very turbulent atmosphere with frequent storms. Lightning and giant clouds constantly raged over the surface.

In 22 BBY, during the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems built the Skytop Station and positioned it in the atmosphere of the Ruusan moon. Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano infiltrated the station on a mission to retrieve the stolen R2-D2. The station was eventually destroyed after they had completed their mission.

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