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Name: RO-Z67
Type: GoCorp/Utilitech RO-series Childcare And Nanny Droid
Degree: Third Degree
Class: Caretaker Droid
Sensor Color: Varied
Plating Color: Black
Gender: Varies
Personality Module: Advanced


Alien Species: 3D+1

Injury/Ailment Diagnosis: 3D
Injury/Ailment Diagnosis: Pediatric Care 5D

First Aid: 4D
(A) Medicine: 4D
(A) Medicine: Pediatric Care 5D

Equipped With:
• Hypoallergenic padding
• Medical canisters
• Scanning diagnostic suite
• Twelve Grasping Arms
• Uni-wheel drive system
• Verbobrain
• Visal and audial sensors
• Vocabulator

Special Abilities:

Move: 7
Height: 1.8 meters tall
Cost: 4,600 credits
Availability: 1, 3

Background: The RO-series childcare and nanny droid was a model of nanny droid manufactured by a partnership of GoCorp and Utilitech. The uni-wheel drive and chassis of the WA-7 waitress droid served as the basis for the model, which was equipped with soft glowing eyes, a soothing voice and many padded limbs to aid in caring for their infant charges. The droids were equipped with a database detailing the species of the child in their care and could perform minor medical operations in emergencies while also contacting the authorities.

During the Clone Wars, Darth Sidious used a pair of RO-series childcare and nanny droids in his facility on Mustafar. The two droids were altered and stripped of much of their comforting design in order to pervert them for Sidious’s needs. They cared for Force-sensitive infants kidnapped by the bounty hunter Cad Bane for Sidious, but were ultimately destroyed when Jedi rescued the children.

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