Remove Fatigue

Force Power: Remove Fatigue

Control Difficulty: Moderate.

This power may be kept up.

Required Powers: Accelerate Healing, Control Pain

Effect: The character uses this power to combat the effects of strenuous work. The Jedi manipulates the Force, causing bodily toxins to be ejected much more efficiently, thus allowing for greater stamina. While kept up, the Jedi must make a stamina check once per day. While using this power, a Jedi must fail two stamina checks before he or she is fatigued. The character still has to eat and drink normally. If the Jedi does fail two stamina checks and becomes fatigued, a penalty of –1D is applied to all attributes and skills for 1D hours.

Game Note: Please note that this power cannot be used for Lifting (The Force Power Enhance Attribute would be used in that task.)

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