Rakghoul Fiend

Species: Rakghoul Fiend
Type: Infected predator
Planet of Origin: Taris

Blaster 5D+2, dodge 5D+2, melee combat 5D+2, melee parry 5D+2
Search 2D+2
Brawling 5D+2, climbing/jumping 6D+2

Special Abilities:
Low-light Vision: Rakghouls can see twice as far as Humans in dim light.
Rakghoul Disease: A Human bitten by a rakghoul must succeed at a Very difficult stamina roll or contract rakghoul disease. If a Human contracts the disease, he or she must make a Very Difficult stamina roll every hour or suffer -1 penalty to Strength. This disease cannot be healed normally. The damage can be healed only by application of a serum or other agent specifically designed to combat rakghoul disease. When a target infected with the disease is reduced to Strength of 0, it dies and immediately becomes a rakghoul, powerful characters become rakghoul fiends.
Exceptional Reflexes: Gain a +1D bonus to all Perception rolls made to determine initiative.

Move: 10
Size: Varies widely

Background: The rakghoul plague or rakghoul disease was a disease engineered by the ancient Sith Lord Karness Muur. Muur, seeking a means to escape death and achieve galactic conquest, forged a Sith amulet that came to be known as the Muur Talisman, an item into which Muur poured his mind, will, and Sith magic. The Muur Talisman’s power could almost instantaneously turn any nearby sentient being into a mindless rakghoul, a Sith-spawned mutant subservient to Muur’s will. But the talisman’s power was not perfect, and it could not transform Force-sensitives or beings belonging to certain non-Human species into rakghouls, and thus Muur designed the rakghoul plague to compensate for this weakness. The virus-like plague, carried by every rakghoul in existence at the time, could be spread to another being by a bite or a scratch from a rakghoul’s claw. The victim, known as a Rakghoul Fiend, would then suffer through an incubation period lasting approximately six to forty-eight hours before being transformed into a rakghoul, one fully capable of spreading the Sith-made disease on to further victims.

In the years before, during, and after the Mandalorian Wars, the rakghoul plague spread nearly unchecked through the Undercity of the planet Taris, and well over a million Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders fell victim to the plague’s effects on the ice-covered world of Jebble. Though the rakghouls were widely thought to have become extinct at a time prior to the rise of the Galactic Empire in 19 BBY, the rakghoul plague—and by extension, the rakghouls themselves—would continue to exist in the galaxy by the powers of the Muur Talisman until 137 ABY, when the dangerous Sith artifact was finally destroyed by the Jedi Cade Skywalker on the Deep Core Imperial world of Had Abbadon.

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