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Pons Ora

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Name: Pons Ora
Planet: Abafar
Starport Type: Landing Pad
Traffic: Very Low
Control: Tribal
Docking Areas: None
Docking Fee: 0 Credits
Customs: None
Law Enforcement: None
Services: Limited (Fuel, Food)
Population: 350
Points of Interest: Abafar Junior Dejarik Club, Admiral Snackbar, Adopt-a-Wampa, Bounty Emporium, Dr. Evazan Cosmetic Surgery, Game Go, Land O’ Capes, Pons Ora water tower, Power Sliders, Rhydonium mining installation

Background: Pons Ora was one of the few settlements on the surface of Abafar, a remote desert world located in the Outer Rim Territories. During the Clone Wars, it was host to a Separatist rhydonium mining installation.

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independent Systems used Pons Ora’s mining installation to mine for rhydonium, which had otherwise largely been mined out on the planet Abafar.

After the Battle of Sarrish, a devastating loss for the Galactic Republic, clone commando Captain Gregor, a survivor of the battle, wound up on Abafar with amnesia. He was found by the Sullustan Borkus, a resident of Pons Ora, who, although realizing that Gregor was a soldier, manipulated him into working as a dishwasher at his diner Power Sliders for low wages as he did not know who he was.

Later in the war, the D-Squad, a special Republic unit consisting mostly of droids, crash-landed on Abafar on their way back from a mission to steal a Separatist encryption module. After wandering through the Void for some time, all the members of the unit eventually made it to Pons Ora, with the astromech droids, led by R2-D2, reaching the city long before Zilkin Colonel Meebur Gascon and DUM-series pit droid WAC-47. After regrouping, Gascon sent the astromechs to scout the town, while he went to get food for himself. Gascon chose the Power Sliders diner, but he and WAC were chased out by Borkus after he loudly announced himself as a Republic officer, in part because Borkus did not want them to see Gregor. However, at WAC’s suggestion, Gascon went around to the back to dumpster-dive for food and encountered the amnesiac clone anyways, who was deeply confused by the duo’s insistence that he was a soldier.

Appearances: The Clone Wars

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