Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Player Handout

If you’re new to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, this section will get you ready to play in a couple of minutes.

You’ll be playing a character a person who lives in the Star Wars universe. While playing, you pretend to be that character.

There is no board to move tokens around on. Instead, one of your friends will be the gamemaster. The gamemaster acts as storyteller and referee, describing each scene to you and the other players. Now, imagine how your character would react to the situation. Then, tell the gamemaster what your character is going to do.

When you describe what your character does, the gamemaster will tell you when to roll the dice, and tell you what happens as a result of how well (or poorly) you roll. In a way, you, the other players, and the gamemaster are creating your own Star Wars movie with your characters as the stars!

Winning. There are no winners and losers. Having fun is what counts. It is far more important to have a great story than it is to excel as the “best” character.

Cooperate. If the characters are to stand any chance of succeeding in their adventures, you and the other players have to work together.

Be True to the Movies. Remember, you’re playing Star Wars! Be heroes. Use snappy one-liners. And above all else, have fun!

Become Your Character. Don’t be afraid to ham it up a little! Speak like your character and adopt his mannerisms in your movements and actions. You can act out scenes — for example, if you’re play a gambler, you could have fun trying to con the other characters.

Use Your Imagination. Your character can do whatever you can imagine someone in that situation doing. If you can imagine it in the real world (or the Star Wars universe), it can happen in the game!

Keep Things Moving. Don’t worry about the rules. Simply tell the gamemaster what you want your character to do, and he’ll tell you what to roll and when.

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