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Nank Tun

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Name: Nank Tun
Type: Senatorial Advisor
Species: Aqualish
Homeworld: Ando
Gender: Male
Died: 19 BBY (981 GC)
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: Black
Skin: Brown

Blaster: 2D+2
Brawling Parry: 2D+1
Dodge: 2D+1
Melee Combat: 2D+2
Melee Parry: 2D+1

Intimidation: 3D+1
Languages: 2D+2
Languages: Aqualish 5D

Communications: 4D
Sensors: 4D

Con: 4D+1
Investigation: 4D+2
Persuasion: 5D+1


Computer Programming/Repair: 4D

Special Abilities:
Fins: Aqualish are born with the natural ability to swim. They receive a +2D bonus for all movement attempted in liquids. However, the lack of fingers on their hands decreases their Dexterity, and the Aqualish suffer a -2D penalty when using equipment that has not been specially designed for its fins.

Hands: The Quara do not receive the swimming bonus, but they are just as “at home” in the water. They also receive no penalties for Dexterity actions. The Quara are most likely to be encountered off-world.

Force Sensitive: N
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 6
Move: 10

Equipment: Senatorial Robes, Decorative Armored Breastplate (+1D vs. Physical, +1 vs. Energy (Torso)), Comlink, Datapad

Background: Nank Tun was an Aqualish who served as an aide to Senator Po Nudo throughout the Clone Wars. As the Clone Wars erupted across the galaxy, Tun remained close to Nudo, advising the Aqualish on matters relating to his position on the Separatist Council. As an aide, he wrote drafts, sent secret messages, and managed Nudo’s meetings. When the Separatist leadership was sent to Mustafar, Tun joined Nudo and the other leaders at the Klegger Corp Mining Facility where the Confederacy’s mysterious benefactor Darth Sidious assured they would be safe. Welcoming Sidious’ apprentice Darth Vader, the Aqualish and the rest of the Separatist Council soon realized they were in danger. Cowering alongside Nudo as Vader ignited his lightsaber, his protective breastplate did little to stop the blue-bladed weapon as it struck, killing him instantly. Vader would then finish off the rest of the Council.

Appearances: Episode II Attack of the Clones, Episode III Revenge of the Sith

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