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Species: Moogan
Home Planet: Mooga

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:
High-Temperature Environments: Mooga can endure hot, arid climates. They suffer no ill effects from high temperatures (until they reach 115 degrees faranheit).
Story Factors:
Greedy: Greedy: Moogans are not against committing bribery, poisoning or other crimes to achieve their goals due to their inherent greed.
Move: 10
Size: 2.2-2.4 meters tall

Background: Moogans were a sentient humanoid species native to the planet Mooga, located in the Perkell sector. They were on average taller than Humans. Members of the species had hands and feet with four digits each, as well as green skin. Some Moogans had a proclivity for wearing headdresses, tunics and sandals.

A group of Moogans led by the smuggler Tee Va arrived on the planet Mandalore during the Clone Wars to distribute bottled tea with a chemical introduced on-planet. That substance diluted the tea and thus increased the Moogans’ profits. However, the mixture, when introduced to the populace, poisoned some of the children in the New Mandalorian capital of Sundari. The Moogans’ plans were thwarted by an investigation headed by the Duchess of Mandalore, Satine Kryze, and visiting Republic Senator Padmé Amidala; the smugglers were subsequently arrested.

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