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Model: Standard Medpac
Type: Medpac
Skill: First aid
Cost: 400
Availability: 1

Game Notes: A standard medpac combines healing medicines, syntheflesh, coagulants, body chemistry boosters, adrenaline drugs, and computer diagnostic hardware to treat seriously injured individuals. Medpacs are very common around the galaxy and can be found aboard most starships, in most buildings and homes… and anyone who thinks he might get into a battle is advised to carry a couple, too. A first aid (or Technical) roll is needed to use a medpac. The difficulty depends upon the severity of the patient’s injury:

Injury LevelDegree of Difficulty
Stunned, UnconsciousVery Easy
Wounded or Wounded TwiceEasy
Mortally WoundedDifficult
If the first aid roll is successful, the patient heals one level:
Stunned and wounded characters are fully healed;
Unconscious characters are revived;
Wounded twice characters improve to wounded;
Incapacitated characters improve to wounded twice;
Mortally wounded characters improve to incapacitated.

If the first aid roll is unsuccessful, the character’s condition remains the same. If the first aid roll misses the difficulty by more than 10 points, the medpac has pushed the injured character’s body to its limit, and no more medpacs can be used on him for a full standard day (24 hour period). Each medpac used beyond the first has less chance of being effective, due to negative synergy of the drugs and diagnostics programmed with the assumption that only one medpac is being used. Multiple medpacs can be used on a character within a single day, but increase the first aid difficulty one level for each additional use.

A medpac is fully expended when it’s used — someone who expects to heal several people must carry multiple medpacs. A character can use a medpac on himself, but he suffers an extra -ID penalty (in addition to any other penalties, such as for being injured).

Background: A medpac, also referred to as a medikit, was a collection of supplies and equipment for use in giving elementary first aid, including the treatment of wounds. Medpacs were carried by field medics and first responders, and came with a wide variety of surgical implements, such as a powerful mediscanner and diagnostic computer, advanced synth-nutrient replicators, spray splints, various medications, and anti-radiation contamination drugs. The cost of medpacs was 400 credits.

Ezra Bridger once used two Imperial medpacs to stop the Trandoshan bounty hunter Bossk’s shoulder from bleeding.

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