Force Power: Link

Control Difficulty: Easy, modified by proximity

Alter Difficulty: Moderate, modified by proximity

Required Powers: Enhance Attribute, Control Pain, Control Another’s Pain, Transfer Force, Receptive Telepathy, Projective Telepathy, Life Sense

This power may be kept up

Effect: This power allows a Jedi to focus his mind on another Force user to create a bond through the Force. It allows the two to use the Force together in a cooperative effort to achieve a greater chance of success. Any number of Jedi may join the link, insofar as all members of the group are willing to accept their help. In game terms, link allows Force sensitive characters to use combined action rolls, though with an added bonus. Instead of requiring three people to provide a +1D bonus to the combined effort, the Jedi can receive a +1D bonus for every two Jedi cooperating. An additional odd numbered person joining will only add a +1 bonus. For example, six Jedi cooperating will provide a +3D to their average, though seven Jedi cooperating will add 3D+1.

PT White

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