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Name: Kouhun
Type: Poisonous Arthropod
Planet of Origin: Indoumodo

Sting: 6D
Hide: 3D
Search: 3D
Sneak: 3D

Special Abilities:
Poisonous Sting: While a successful attack does no damage, the sting of a kouhun is very poisonous. Anyone stung by a kouhun takes 10D of poison damage. Note that the sting of a kouhun will not penetrate armor, and must strike an exposed portion of the target.
Stealthy: Kouhun gain a +2D bonus to both hide and sneak skill checks.
Move: 6
Size: Up to 30 centimeters long

Background: Kouhuns, also known as Indoumodo kouhuns were small, multi-legged arthropods from the jungle planet of Indoumodo that were able to deliver a deadly venom to their victims. As their venom was typically lethal, they were sometimes employed by assassins to kill their targets.

Kouhuns were arthropods that hailed from the swamps on the planet of Indoumodo, although they were adaptable enough to thrive on almost any world. They worked as pack hunters, moving silently and using body heat to track their prey, which they disabled with a single sting. Able to grow to a length of thirty centimeters, the kouhun had a segmented carapace and stingers on the front and rear of its body used to deliver venom produced by specialized glands within its body. Their venom was highly potent and particularly effective against humanoid species. They hunted creatures as big as dogs.

Once injected, the venom was typically fatal within minutes. They crawled on 56 legs[4] and could slink their way across almost any surface. Kouhuns were known for their ability to evade security. They could be used in assassination attempts and were starved before release. After their release, they typically headed straight for warm-blooded life forms. It was virtually impossible to trace them back to the user.

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