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Model: Affodies Crafthouse of Pure Neimoidia Xeno Mechno-chair
Type: Personalized One-person Conveyance
Scale: Character
Skill: Ground vehicle ops: Mechno-chair
Cost: 12,500 credits
Availability: 3
Move: 8

Game Notes: Mechno-chairs can also be fitted with holographic projectors.

Background: A mechno-chair, also mechnochair, was a mobile, mechanical chair used by wealthy Neimoidians as a sign of their status. Viceroy Nute Gunray of the Trade Federation possessed one.

The devices, generally built by Affodies Crafthouse of Pure Neimoidia, were prohibitively costly and were more of a status symbol than a mode of transportation. They featured two sickle-shaped rear legs that terminated in single-claw feet, and a pair of articulated double-clawed guidance limbs. Gyroscopically balanced, the chair’s metallic surface was covered in etchings modeled after the shell ornamentation of Neimoidia’s sovereign beetle. They were noted as being uncomfortable to sit on.

Viceroy Gunray’s own mechno-chair was fitted with a holoprojector encrypted to a secret channel maintained by Darth Sidious. This chair was made on the planet Charros IV by the Xi Char, and customized with a HoloNet secret link and security systems that emitted toxic dioxis gas. It also had a self-destruct mechanism that could be instructed to initiate remotely.Mechno-chair

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