IG Lancer Droid

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Type: Phlut Design Systems IG Lancer Combat Droid
Degree: Fourth degree
Class: Battle Droid
Sensor Color: Red
Plating Color: Silver
Gender: Masculine Programming
Personality Module: Advanced

Blaster: 4D
Dodge: 4D
Melee Combat: 4D+2


Repulsorlift Operation: 5D

Search: 4D
Sneak: 4D

Brawling: 4D


Equipped With:

• Humanoid body (two arms, two legs, head)
• Long-range sensor (+1D to search for objects 50-750 meters away)
• Motion sensor (+1D to search for moving objects up to 400 meters away)

Special Abilities:

Equipment: Power lance (STR+4D damage)

Move: 11
Height: 1.96 meters
Cost: Not Available For Sale
Availability: 4, X

Background: IG lancer droids were IG-series battle droids that served in the Banking Clan’s IG-series battle droid army. Part of the InterGalactic Banking Clan Collections and Security Division, the IG lancers could serve as scouts or mounted cavalry, and, as part of the Banking Clan’s droid army, they were under the direction of the Muun officer corps. The Collections and Security Division itself was part of the Confederacy of Independent Systems’s military as one of many corporate defense forces used as the front line defense for their respective worlds. These defense forces could also be used to support fellow Confederate allies and on special missions led by the Separatist Council or their trusted compatriots.

These tall, thin battle droids were created to resemble their Muun creators. They were also more advanced than the standard Baktoid B1 battle droids used by the Trade Federation. They were armed with giant energy lances and anti-vehicle mines and rode into battle on swoop bikes.

They were developed by Phlut Design Systems, a Muunilinst-based weapons development firm that took out a large capital investment loan from the InterGalactic Banking Clan to fund a secret battle droid program that it planned to sell to the Trade Federation. When PDS was unable to repay the InterGalactic Banking Clan, the IBC responded by seizing the assets of the company and adding the battle droids to the military forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. As an InterGalactic Banking Clan asset, the new droids were renamed the IG-series.

After the assassination of the Separatist Council by the newly anointed Darth Vader the droids were deactivated but not destroyed. The Phlut Design Systems kept the blueprints and a few droids. The droids looked very similar in appearance as their later cousins, IG-11, IG-72 and IG-88, without the shoulder armor protrusions and lack of heavily modified torso armor.

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