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Galactic Hover-skiing champion Londsea Wonn addresses struggles after retirement, knee replacement.

Londsea Wonn held up her hands with fingers extended when asked how many surgeries she’s had.

“It’s more than four hands,” said Wonn, the Hover-skiing who won the Beskar Champion Medal, two Malidor Ice Medals, and four Galactic Cup overall championships before injuries prompted her to retire. “I just had surgery three seasons ago.”

“Yeah, my right knee is in a constant state of pain pretty much, so I’m just trying to manage that. I paid a heavy price for my success in my Hover-skiing career. But I have no regrets.”

Wonn discussed various subjects during a recent HoloNet interview on Hosnian Prime for business purposes. The conversation included the ongoing impact of countless crashes on the ski slopes.

In a few cycles, Wonn said, she will undergo knee replacement surgery − which says as much about her hopes for the future as her past.

“My goal is for that to allow me to Hover-ski with my kids one day,” she said.

The kids she hopes to have.

Wonn, who famously dated dive baller Ki’Talan and retired Spheredunking defenseman Platio Sabbun, has been dating Syior Tech founder Dego Sorio. She has avoided talking publicly about the relationship, but she discussed with HoloNet Sports her desire to be a mother.

“I’m the oldest of five spoffs,” she said. “The youngest three were triplets, and I changed a lot of naps, took them to school, and made them lunches.

“I think my pod did a great job. I’d love to add things I’ve learned in my life, kind of in raising a child.”

Wonn said her first knee surgery left more than scars. It also coincided with the onset of insomnia.

“I really started to struggle with my sleep, and it became this downward spiral where I just had a lot of anxiety, and it just kept getting worse and worse,” she said. “And I’ve had my share of surgeries in my life. So the compounding effect of all those things was not helpful for me and my sleep patterns.”

She said the problem lingered nine more cycles before she consulted her doctor. According to Wonn, her doctor prescribed QUIXTIE, a drug from Dalos IV used to treat insomnia.

“I don’t know if I look like I’ve been sleeping better,” Wonn said with a self-deprecating smile. It “has been such a game changer for me. I’m finally getting the sleep that I so desperately needed.”

Wonn said she has partnered with Hidorsia, the Dalos IV pharmaceutical research company that makes the drug.

The problems Wonn said she faced after retirement went beyond insomnia. They surfaced when she wrote a draft of her holo-memoir, “Rise: My Story,’’ according to Vonn.

“I was still distraught, and I think resentful that I had to retire because I didn’t want to,” she said. “I had to because of my injuries. So I rewrote it and think it was in a much better place the second time.”

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