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Model: SoroSuub Holopuck
Type: Personal holoprojector
Cost: 300
Availability: 2

Game Notes: A Holopuck can project holographic images up to 30 centimeters across and store up to 50 minutes worth of images. It cannot transmit or receive images by itself. Energy cells last for 24 hours of use.

Background: A holopuck, also known as a holographic puck or a bounty puck, was a small, simple holographic device utilized by the Bounty Hunters’ Guild that identified a quarry each. Holopucks listed the details of a bounty: the number of credits offered, the circumstances (or crimes) that warranted the bounty, the operational jurisdiction allowed for pursuit, and the specific conditions required to collect.

Displaying a holographic image of the quarry accompanied by the word “WANTED” in Aurebesh and the bounty payout, a puck provided information that, when combined with the use of a tracking fob, allowed Guild members to hunt their quarry to the edge of the galaxy. In 9 ABY, the Bounty Hunter Guild on Nevarro handed pucks out to their members. By taking the puck, the hunter accepted the bounty.

Appearances: The Mandalorian

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