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Force Powers

Force Dyad

Force Power: Force Dyad

Control Difficulty: Moderate, +2 for each person to be included in the link, modified by relationship.

Sense Difficulty: Moderate, modified by proximity.

Required Powers: Force Bond, Battle Meld, Life Detection, Life Sense, Mind Probe, Magnify Senses, Projective Telepathy, Receptive Telepathy, Resist Force, Sense Force, Transfer Life.

Game Note: Force Dyads occur when two minds are joined as one during a Mind Probe. The Force connects the two force users as one and both their powers and abilities will unite as one. They are able to see what they other sees and can pass small objects through their connection as long as the connection is strong. When in close proximity the two force users could transfer their life force to heal the other, though. A heroic Mind Probe by one user countered by a Heroic Resist Force roll by the other would create a Force Dyad.

Background: A Force dyad, also known as a dyad in the Force, was a rare type of Force-bond that paired two Force-sensitive beings and made them one in the Force. The power of a dyad was as strong as life itself, and the individuals who formed a dyad shared a connection that spanned across space and time.

Members of a dyad were attuned to each other’s senses completely, including what they saw, heard and felt. They possessed rare Force powers, such as the ability to physically interact across many light-years in the galaxy. A dyad could also utilise Force healing to such a degree that, should either member of the dyad die, the other would be able to transfer enough of their own Force energy to resurrect them, albeit at the cost of their own life.

A prophecy foretold that there would be a dyad in the Force, which had been unseen for generations by the time of the New Republic Era. The prophesied dyad was realized within Ben Solo and Rey. Although they were enemies during the war between the First Order and the Resistance, Solo and Rey shared a unique bond that featured prominently in the lore of the Sith Eternal cultists. During the battle on Exegol, the life force of their dyad was used to restore the Sith Lord Darth Sidious.

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