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Force Powers

Electronic Sense

Force Power: Electronic Sense

Sense Difficulty: Easy, modified by Proximity

This power may be kept up.

Effect: This power allows the Jedi to detect active electronics that might otherwise remain hidden from their normal senses. When the power is activated, the Jedi knows the location of active electronics within 10 meters – if the power is kept “up,” the Jedi may know whenever a Droid or other electronic construct approaches within 10 meters of them or vice versa

When a Jedi approaches or is approached by active electronics, make a sense roll for the Jedi and each electronic construct makes an opposed Perception roll to avoid detection if possible. Both rolls are “free” actions and don’t count as a power use. If the Jedi ties or rolls higher, he senses the electronics in question.

If the Jedi beats the target’s roll by 10 or more points, if she has had access to the system or met the Droid before (yes or no), and if yes, what their identity is.

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