Thursday, September 21, 2023
Force Powers

Force Shot

Force Power: Force Shot

Sense Difficulty: Moderate

This power may be kept up.

Required Powers: Life Detection, Life Sense, Sense Force

Game Note: Anyone who uses this power to harm a helpless character receives a Dark Side Point.

Effect: This power is used to increase a character’s accuracy with missile weapons against hidden or concealed targets. If successful, the Force-user may add his Sense dice to his ranged attack rolls against an organic/living target that is either fully or partially concealed, be it behind a wall, through smoke, or in darkness or shadow. At least some portion of the target must be concealed by some degree of cover to be effective. This power is called on at the start of a battle, and remains “up” until the Jedi is stunned, wounded, or worse. Any Jedi who has been stunned or wounded may attempt to activate the power again.

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