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Species: Drabatan
Home Planet: Pipada

Attribute Dice: 12D

Special Abilities:

Drabatese: A complex tongue that strings discrete syllables into unwieldy words that encompass multilayered ideas – with context, tense, and other grammatical pieces of information determined by volume; Drabatese is a singularly loud language. When circumstances call for more hushed tones, Drabatans switch to a secondary form of communication: passing air through a vocal pouch that produces a softer, croaking sound that can vary in pitch. Drabatan love songs use the latter approach and are renowned for their haunting, universal qualities — which are said to require no translation. In game terms, Drabatan characters raised on Pipada or by native-speaking parents will normally be fluent in the primary and secondary forms of Drabatese communication. Non-Drabatans who attempt to speak Drabatese must make Strength checks, in addition to language skill checks, to be properly understood, with the Strength difficulty determined by the complexity of the ideas being conveyed.

Freshwater Amphibiod: Drabatans can breathe air and water but suffer discomfort and eventual harm when in saltwater conditions. In game terms, for every hour a Drabatan is submerged in saltwater, he must make a Moderate stamina check or suffer 4D damage. After the first 24 hours of saltwater submersion, the difficulty of these stamina checks rises by one level every two hours due to the cumulative effects of saline poisoning. Every hour, a Drabatan is on land bordered by saltwater and whose air is permeated by traces of salt particles; he must make an Easy stamina check or suffer 2D damage.

Lung Capacity and Diaphragm Strength: Drabatans have highly developed diaphragm muscles and large lungs. If a Drabatan fails a stamina check required to hold his breath, he may reroll twice to succeed, at no penalty. Drabatans also gain a +3D bonus to any Strength checks used to determine vocal volume, reach, and range while shouting.

Oral Physiology: Drabatans have difficulty pronouncing Basic without effort due to the unusual structure of their mouths. In game terms, Drabatans incur a +1D penalty for the difficulty of their attempts at speaking Basic or closely related languages. In addition, their strong jaws and serrated teeth grant them a +1D damage bonus to bite attacks.

Move: 9 (Land), 12 (Water)
Size: 1.5 – 1.75 meters tall

Background: The Drabatans were a sentient amphibious species native to Pipada. Their homeworld was harvested for materials by the Galactic Empire, displacing much of the native population, including the Drabatans. Pao, a commando for the Alliance to Restore the Republic, was a Drabatan. During the Cold War, one Drabatan served as a mechanic on staff at the Resistance base on the planet D’Qar.

The Drabatans primarily spoke a language called Drabatese. However, as this language was unusually loud, the Drabatans also used a second form of speech based on passing air through a vocal pouch.

Appearances: Rogue One

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