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Species: Keeradak
Type: Flying Beast

Dexterity: 2D+2
Perception: 2D
Strength: 3D

Special Abilities
Harness: A Keeradak equipped with a harness can accommodate a rider.
Claws: Do Strength +2 damage.
Screech: If a Keeradak calls for help all Keeradak’s in the area will immediately swarm and defend the Keeradak in need.

Move: 25 (flying) 5 (walking)
Size: 3.5m long
Orneriness: 1D+2

Background: The keeradaks were non-sentient creatures that were native to Skako Minor. Keeradaks had distinctive cries for help, which they used to communicate with one another. The native Poletecs of Skako Minor often tamed keeradaks, and it was believed by some that the Poletecs even worshipped the winged creatures. A group of keeradaks were responsible for the abduction of Anakin Skywalker, who was taken by the Poletec leader out of fear that the Clone Wars had been brought to Skako Minor. One keeradak alone was powerful enough to hold Skywalker down in captivity. Another group of keeradaks were briefly tamed and utilized to escape Purkoll, after Clone Force 99, Captain Rex, and Skywalker had staged a rescue of Echo. It was noted by the Poletecs that the act of taming a keeradak was an impressive feat.

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